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Alicia Tunby :: XYNG

XYNG - Alicia TunbyThanks to XYNG, My Baby Has Her Mom Back!

Within the last six years I have had five miscarriages and one successful pregnancy. In this time, my body has been through a roller coaster of weight fluctuations and after I had my child, I tried to power-walk off my abdominal fat. I kept the baby bump and it was not until a sweet friend (Ms. Vivian May Edwards) introduced me to XYNG on Facebook that my abdominal fat started slipping off. What amazing results! Since taking XYNG now for three weeks, I have lost 24 pounds! I power-walk upwards of around 4 hours straight and I feel great! I have energy enough to keep up with my soon-to-be two year old and I'm 42! Before, I was so tired and physically drained every day. Now, my daughter and I are on the go and my baby has her mom back! Thank you Xyngular for making truly amaXYNG products! I intend to grab life by the Xyngular!

-Alicia Tunby, NC

Xyngular Global

Jack Skross :: Xyngular Global Super Fruit Blend

Xyngular Global - Jack SkrossSuper Fruit Global Blend Helps With My Son's ADD!

My son Jack was having some very serious ADD issues in school. His teacher was sending notes home almost every day and they mostly had to do with his inability to pay attention and focus on his tasks. We were at our wits' end but refused to even talk about ADD meds for him as I’ve heard so many horror stories! A friend of mine, who is also a Xyngular distributor, told me she had been giving the Xyngular Super fruit global juice blend to her 10 year old that was just about to start on meds. She had such tremendous results with it that we decided to give it a try. After just two weeks on the juice, Jack was a completely different kid!! He went from his monthly calendar having all bad days with a few good ones sprinkled in there, to ALL good days with a few bad ones sprinkled in. And the bad ones did not have anything to do with his focus issues at all! We give the juice to all 3 of our kids now. Even though my husband and I have lost a lot of weight on the CORE4 and XYNG, I think Xyngular has become the most important product in our household just because of the health benefits it provides for my family!

-Pamela Skross, TX


Margee Lennard :: CORE4

CORE4 - Margee LennardI was introduced to CORE4 last August by a friend considering the business and wanting my opinion of the ingredients in each product. My dietetic background gave me an edge in research, and after my due diligence I realized what great products they were. Not being overweight personally, I decided to try them anyhow, before I would recommend them to others. The results after several months were an increase in lean body mass and a re-sculpting of my body! I have worked out for over 30 years, but had not noticed any change in my physical appearance. But after taking CORE4, I began noticing that I was firmer than ever, and even lost several pounds that I didn’t know I had to lose! I thank Xyngular for offering such fabulous products that will help change

-Margee Lennard, CA


Jeff Wahlen & Melanie Wilson :: CORE4

CORE4 - Jeff Wahlen & Melanie WilsonCORE4 Has Eliminated 30+ Years Of Fat!

We love our CORE4 LEAN shakes. And, with the combination of XYNG and Accelerate, Flush, and Cheat into the mix, we’re enjoying absolutely fantastic results.

Melanie and I spent 30+ years storing fat and are just now reversing that noisome routine with daily LEAN shakes by Xyngular. Since thermogenics is the key to fat loss, (notice the difference between “weight loss” and “fat loss” as the ideal loss is truly measured not in pounds but in INCHES!), prepare to give the CORE4 System time to alter what had become a lifetime routine of “fat storing” with “fat burning.”

It doesn’t happen overnight! We both noticed a pound or three of loss within the first two weeks, but, again for both of us, the real “lost inches” finally hit during the third week on CORE4. That’s when the “meltin’ away” phase of the LEAN Shake journey really kicked in for us.

Believe me; we understand how difficult it is to lose inches. I just accepted those extra 10-15 pounds I was carrying around as fate. Hey, it’s normal. Although I never fasted for 40 days and 40 nights nor spent any time in a POW camp, nothing I tried ever got rid of those pounds and inches! So, I just accepted it.

Well, the nutritional formulation and the thermogenic properties in CORE4 have effectively eliminated that “sheet” of core fat I was carting around for 30+ years. Gone! One month, 12 pounds, and two full inches off the waist later, I’m literally amazed and ecstatic with the results. Melanie’s dropped 15 pounds, or, as the Brits would say, just a wee bit over a stone. Needless to say she’s delighted.

Now, essentially, we’re eating what we want, we’re more active, and we’re continuing with our LEAN shakes every morning. CORE4 is not a diet! It’s a revolutionary new all-natural nutritional fat-loss system which includes clinically tested patent pending products delivering amazing results! CORE4 allows you to manage your weight AND your health all at the very same time.CORE4 reduces calorie absorption of the food we eat without any of the unpleasant side effects commonly found with other stimulants and fat blockers on the market today.
After awhile you’ll just become naturally more selective as to what you do eat and CORE4 handles the fat reduction. Now, that’s easy!

-Jeff Wahlen and Melanie Wilson, FL



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